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Important Update - 5-25-2020

March 25, 2020

4:00 PM


MSA Families - 


Thank you for your patience through this transition to online learning during the outbreak of the Coronavirus throughout the country. This has been hard on everyone and we appreciate your support as we get back to learning and try to attain a better sense of “normalcy” for our school community. We are all excited to get back to teaching, communicating and working with our students, and hopefully we will be back at school before too long.


Online learning at MSA will begin on Monday, March 30, 2020!! March 30th will be an A-Day. You will be receiving information from your teachers individually, and if you have not already logged into your account, please see the links below to activate your child’s account:


Google Classroom Instructions for Students


Slideshow with Google Classroom Instructions


Remember, you child’s ID number is on their ID Badge - they will need that to log into the system. If you have any questions regarding the use of the system, please email


Please note: emails are active for students now. You can email through your msaschool accounts!!


Click this link to access your child’s Google Classroom Codes 


To find your child’s class codes, go to the tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet and find the tab for each department. For example, you will go to Language Arts, find your teacher’s name, then the period you have that teacher. Copy the code for that class. Complete this process for each class in your child’s schedule. You will then be able to access the work for each class. You will have to do this for each class in your child’s schedule. All 6th grade codes are on one page for convenience. 


There will be a variety of learning strategies that will be used by your child’s teachers throughout this online learning time. It is important that you communicate with your teacher for specifics about the classes to know what is expected. (teacher emails are first initial last


You will also be contacted this week by your Advocate, who will be an additional contact from the school who will be available to help troubleshoot issues with you and your student to support your needs, and refer you to additional resources when appropriate. Everyone should get a phone call from your Advocate by the end of the week or early next week.


Routine in learning is important. As you prepare for March 30th, create a schedule for your learning routine. Some strategies for learning at home include:


  1. Carefully read the expectations and instructions provided by the teacher in Google Classroom and/or similar platform. 
  2. Schedule time daily to study and complete assignments.
  3. Maintain effective communication with your teachers.
  4. Regularly log in to your classes to check for announcements, assignments, or other posts. 

Click this Internet Access Link to find information about accessing free access to the interet.


It has been brought to our attention that some have had trouble accessing the MSA website ( We had to reset the site, and due to that, the information in your web browser’s history may be wrong. You will have to clear the cache in your browser. If you Google “clearing cache” and the web browser you are using, you will get instructions on how to get this done. Please do this so you can stay on top of what is happening at MSA. If that does not work, the direct link to the site is


Any parents looking to get some information to help your child through this time of being at home and socially isolated, the state is putting on a webinar to assist you with this challenge. Click here for more information regarding the upcoming lunchtime webinar: Helping Your Child Cope. It will be held on Friday, March 27th from 11:30-12:30.


For any students who need to get breakfast and/or lunch, there are locations throughout Manatee County where students can get free food. Click here to find the school district sponsored sights. Additionally, there are local restaurants who are offering meals to students such as Minnie’s Beach Cafe (Anna Maria Island) and Michelangelo's (Parrish and Lakewood Ranch). There may be more around the county as well. We hope that after this crisis is over we can show our thanks to these establishments by patronizing them in the future.


In case you have not heard yet, all state testing for this year is cancelled. This does not include AP testing, which will be done at home in an online format. More information will be coming on that testing when it is available.


Thank you to those who have been reaching out about library late fees. Please know that we will not assess any late fees on library books during the time that we are out due to the Coronavirus.


Everyone at MSA is continually dedicated to doing what is best for our students. We are working hard to make this transition to online learning as easy as possible for everyone. We know that it is not an ideal situation for most, but we are doing everything we can to help you be successful. We want you to continue to be the creative, innovative, and wonderful students you are every day. We will just have to do that from a distance at this time. Everyone is eager to be back to school as soon as we are given the all clear from the state. At this time, we plan on being out through April 15th, and we will communicate more as time goes on.


Do not hesitate to reach out to us and remember that we are here for you and want everyone to continue to do their best in all areas. Most importantly, we must be diligent about staying safe and healthy while we are all at home. 


MSA Administration