Director of Assessment and Data

    Michael Higley
    Dr. Michael Higley
    Under the supervision of the Assistant Principal of Student and Instructional Support, the Director of Assessment and Data is responsible for the alignment, implementation, and analysis of the school's assessment program and oversight of student graduation testing requirements. Responsibilities include using the school and state's student data systems and tools to measure student performance over time, providing the administration, staff, and parents with data analysis and interpretation.  The Director works collaboratively with all stakeholders and communicates effectively with stakeholders regarding successful use of data.  Evaluates assigned personnel, oversees the MTSS process, and performs related work as required.
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    Testing Coordinator  

    Denise McGirr

    Denise McGirr
    Under the supervision of the Director of Assessment and Data, the Testing Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the school's state-wide assessments.  Responsibilities include training staff on administering and proctoring state assessments, managing state assessments (which include retakes, College and Career Ready, concordance, and end-of-year testing administrations) and providing MTSS supports as an MTSS support team member.  The Testing Coordinator works collaboratively with students, parent's, and staff and communicates effectively regarding the successful implementation of all school-based state-wide assessments.