• Dr. Greg M. Benson

    Hello and Welcome to my information page.  I am very excited to be working at Manatee School for the Arts. My math classes are tough and students must put effort into learning, but I put equal effort into helping you learn.  I have multiple teaching styles so that everyone has the opportunity to understand the material in their own way. 

    My expectations for my students are high, but I will always give students the opportunity to be successful in my class.

    I am always available for extra help during my planning period, but please arrange this with me in advance so that I can plan accordingly.  I am also available after school with advanced notice.

    In my spare time I like to travel, hike, scuba dive, fly planes, and spend quality time with my wife, son, and our three big dogs.

     Dr. Benson                                Email: gbenson@msaschool.org