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    We can finish this, 2020!



    Dr. Connolly-Lane

    English IV, IV Honors


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    Quarter 4 Update: Moving Forward

    I'm so sorry for my seniors and their families! I know that the coronavirus has shut down life as we know it and made it a real challenge to experience and embrace those things that are supposed to mark your senior year. Hopefully, we'll be able to return to school and some sense of normalcy as of April 16. Just in case, though, we need to keep moving forward and keep on track for graduation. Our plan will be to begin distance learning via Google Classroom on March 30th. I've listed the class codes below that you'll need in order to sign up for your class period. Assignments and resources will be posted there, as will announcements about/links to upcoming virtual office hours via Google Hangout. I'm still working on the overall plan that will help us finish out the year (and things may change as we continue), but things will look something like this:

    1. Reading , questions, and short reponse paper about Jamaica Kincaids short story "Girl."

    2. A creative assignment (personal essay, poem, short story, short film, song, t-shirt...) about your experience of the pandemic.

    3. An analysis and response to Daniel Pink's 2014 graduation address to Weinberg College. (Some of you who had me for ENG III might remember this speech. Consider it a chance to come full circle and to address your own concerns regarding graduation, your own hopes and dreams for the future.)

    4. Final? Not sure exactly how this will look yet or when it will happen. I promise to make it fair and doable given our current situation. 

    For sure? We'll leave Hamlet and the sonnets behind for now. Awesome work on the posters that I hung on our hallway bulletin board and classroom wall right before break!


    Codes (by period): 

    A: 6pojcio

    C: shixqwk

    D: 4hjoiyx

    F: j3hul2q

    G: ro6bjlr

    H: dt5oyte


    Email me at kconnolly-lane@msaschool.org with any questions or just to chat. My favorite thing about teaching is the time I (usually) spend with you!