• Ms. McCawley

    English II 2018-2019


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         Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

    -Lewis Carroll

    Alice in Wonderland 

    Welcome to English II and English II Honors! This year we will work on becoming stronger communicators. That includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We will accomplish this through reading a variety of genres and texts, writing in several different styles, and presenting projects in creative ways to our classmates. 

    I hope to make English II (Honors) a creative and enjoyable experience where all students are encouraged to use their imagination for communication. So, be creative, think outside of the box, have fun, try your hardest and this year will be amazing!


    • Tests and Major Writing Projects – 30%
    • Quizzes or Projects – 25%
    • Class work – 25%
    • Bell Work – 10%
    • Participation – 10%

    This year I plan to use a portfolio grading system. That means I will keep all of your graded work in a folder in class and we will use a portion of the grades for the report card. You will choose which grades you want to use.

    Extra credit is occasionally available; however, you must have 90% of your assignments turned in to qualify for the extra credit. That means too many zeros equal NO extra credit points available for you to do.


    I do not assign homework. That being said, at the end of class your work is due for that day without two-week extension since I gave plenty of class time to finish.


     **Must have**

    -       1 three ring one inch to one and one-half binder

    -       College ruled lose leaf paper

    -       Pens

    Classroom Supplies

    I would greatly appreciate if you could donate one or more of the following supplies for classroom use.

    -       Boxes of tissue

    -       Hand Sanitizer

    -       Dry Erase Markers

    -       Copy paper (for projects) or loose-leaf paper

    -       Box of Band-Aids

    -       Pens and markers

    Other (donations)

    -       Used books appropriate to grades 9 - 12.

    -       Any "classroom" or "art" supplies you want to send will be used

            and greatly appreciated.

    -       Donations to donors choose projects for the class. The link is at       

            the bottom of all my emails.



    Students are expected to follow MSA’s Student Code of Conduct at all times.

    In my class we are on a QUEST for knowledge and in order to accomplish this we need to abide by this decree(rules):


    -       Question - Ask questions to clarify and learn.


    -       Undaunted – Courageously face the challenge, take a risk, try

    something new, and make new friends. (Can’t never could, but

    you can try.)


    -       Esteem – Esteem others by respecting the teacher, others,

    yourself, and objects.


    -       Straightforward - If you mess up, then fess up. We all make

    mistakes (even me and yes you will see it). Admit the mess up,

    learn from it, and move on.


    -       Timely – Be on time for class and turn your work in on time.




    Late work will not be accepted as we finished the work in class.  If you are absent on the due date, the assignment will be due the next class period. 

    Once an assignment is returned, students will have 1 week to revise homework/class work for full credit, should they choose to fix it.


    Students are allowed to retake tests and quizzes.   Remediation/tutoring must be completed prior to the retake; that means come in during brain break to remediate: no remediation equals no retake.  The students need to set up a time before or after school to complete the retake.


    It is important to me to preserve a safe and inviting atmosphere for all students to learn in. If there are any minor disruptions in the classroom the subsequent actions will be taken.

    Step 1: Verbal Warning - The student will be given a verbal warning about his or her actions. We all at times have an off day.

    Step 2: Short hallway 1 on 1 or after class 1 on 1 - If the distraction persists, then the student will be pulled into the hallway or spoken to after class 1 on 1. We will discuss the classroom expectation and see if there is a reason that the problem has continued.

    Step 3: Parent phone ­call home - I will contact the parent if I feel it is needed and the disruption does not stop. I will also make contact if I feel it is needed for any other reason.

    Step 4: Teacher referral - If all else fails, a referral will be written and sent to student support. I hate writing them. Let’s try not to get here please.


    **Please sign and return**

    Please read, sign, and return the Syllabus Acknowledgement and Contact Information Sheet verifying that you are aware of the policies in Ms. McCawley’s classroom.


    Parent Contact Information

    Please provide contact information so that I may effectively communi-cate with you about your son/daughter’s progress throughout the year.

    Guardian Name


    Email ___________________________________________________

    Home Phone _________________ Work Phone _________________

    Best time to contact you? _______________________________________

    Which method do you prefer to be contact? (circle)      

    Email          Cell/Home          Work

    I confirm that I have read and understand the expectations outlined within this syllabus and agree to meet these expectations throughout the school 


    Student _____________________________________ Date___________

    I confirm that I have read and understand the expectations outlined within this syllabus and agree to support my student in meeting these expectations throughout the school year.

    Parent ______________________________________Date ___________