• Dear students and parents,

    With the recent events we will deal with this challenge by adapting our lives and lessons to deal with the current circumstances. I am setting up Goggle Classrooms for us and have the codes ready for you to sign up in, which you can find in one of the upcoming updates from Mr. Devine.

    Google Classroom Codes:

    Classroom Code Period A: y2bmklq

    Classroom Code Period C: gorytfg

    Classroom Code Period E: qiwo5x4

    Classroom Code Period G: 6lkat4z

    Classroom Code Period D/H: 7dlg6sd


    Prodigy will be something that will be added to our online work and assisting with the material we are learning. More information will be explained Monday/Tuesday in the Goggle Classroom stream. Please make sure that you have set up your account because we will have Prodigy as part of our grade for this last quarter.

    Prodigy Codes:

    Period A: 67610E

    Period C: 3A4ABD

    Period E: 7D7584

    Period G: 2A8152

    Period D/H: 89130B


    Being that we are changing the current learning situation I have to adapt to many challenges as well. If you need to get ahold of me parents I have updated my phone number so you can reach me. I will not answer if I am streaming the lesson or in a tutoring session.


    Phone number:(941) 479-2575‬

    My email will be the same and I will respond to email between 8AM-6PM.

    Email: jhyde@msaschool.org

    The live stream sessions will cover the material we would be learning in class along with attendance. Students will be able to see my screen and hear my instruction. Students are free to type questions in the comments section for later discussion. Your comments are a reflection of your focus. 

    I will have time during the class live stream to answer your questions and I can call on students that comment to ask their question. Don't be afraid to ask questions in the comments and I'll call on you for clarification from time to time.

    After my last stream of the day I will have a tutoring stream 3:40-5:10PM Monday-Friday or parents can contact me to set up a session from 8:30-9:00AM or 4:35-5:15PM.


    I care about you.

    With your effort, WE will have success!

    If you want to know more just ask. ;)