• Living the Arts Welcome to Digital Illustration & Animation and Multimedia Design with Mrs. Boldin.

    Your room number is 502 right next to the doors of the Large Theatre. 

    I look forward to this year and getting to know all of you. If you have any questions - Please feel free to email or call me. My information is at the bottom of this document. 

    Objective for Digital Graphics:
    Students will be able to effectively produce digital illustrations and/or digital media that may be used and represented in real world situations! We encourage real world learning and deadline driven scenarios.  

    Students become proficient in, and refine, their use of concepts, terminology, techniques, and applications of digital imaging to create original quality works of Art. Students produce digital images through combined use of computers, graphic software, drawing, graphic tablets, printers, new media, and emerging technologies. Students' increasingly independent approach to their work promotes risk-taking in the completion of conceptually based, self-directed work. This course incorporates hands-on activities, the use of technology, and consumption of software knowledge. 

    Through the critique process, students evaluate and respond to their own work and that of their peers to measure artistic growth. 


    Digital Illustration and Animation (7th & 8th Grade)                         

    Using professional digital software (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & Animate) students will explore the basic concepts, terminology, techniques, and the application of drawing in a digital platform.

    Students will gain the experience of drawing, coloring, shading, using layers, successful file production and the basic concepts of the software applications. Students will also learn the basic knowledge of sequence structure for animation purposes. Simple animation programming such as gif's and storyboard creation/mini story animations. 

    All projects will include drawing thru digital media intended for gallery showing and high resolution print and film animation.


    Multimedia Design (8th Grade ONLY)

    Prerequisite: Digital Illustration & Animation or Digital Photo - Instructor Approved.

    Students will continue to expand on design skills while exploring real world Marketing Strategies. 

    Students will develop company branding by designing; a marketing plan, logos, brochures, print advertising, large scale informational graphics, vehicle graphics, web design/apps and television commercials. Students will also learn successful file production and continue to expand their knowledge of Adobe Software.

    Drawing skills are not necessary for this course.


    Concerns? Questions?
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