• Hello!  I hope you are all doing well.  
    Hello!  My name is Mr. Cole and I teach Geometry.  I am an alumni of MSA and graduate of USFSP in education.  
    I have an obsession with rock climbing, mountain biking, martial arts, and I love all kinds of dancing.
    This is my fifth year of teaching here and I am excited to help you all grow!  
    If you are wondering what your child will need for my class or how my class will be generally set up, please take a look at my syllabus found here. (Up to date!)
    Please refer to the syllabus above for the supply list. 
    EOC Approved Calculators:
    The following are FDOE-approved calculators for the 2019–2020 school year: • Texas Instruments TI-30Xa • Casio fx-260 solar • Casio fx-82 solar • Sharp EL-510R • Sharp EL-510RN (This will be updated when the state updates their information) 
    All of my assignments can be found online so please make sure your child is signed into Google Classroom!
    (This will be done the first week of school in class, but if you miss the first week you should talk with me on how to get it done if the directions here confuse you!)
    There are in depth instructions on the left (or in the upper left if you're on your phone next to "pages"), but you will need to know your child's ID# for Google Classroom (this number is in the bottom left of their ID cards)
    Google classroom also has a shared folder for their class holding all of the make up binder work if they miss a day!
    My online tutoring schedule will be temporarily postponed until we can determine safest practices. 
    If you have any concerns about your child's grades or need any clarifying of assignments or projects, please feel free to contact me at: ccole@msaschool.org or through the Remind app!
    Pertinent Links:
    Student Questionaire Link! 
    Summer Homework Link Geometry! (Sorry if it was hard to find, it is meant to be found on the math department page!)
    Summer Homework Link Algebra!