• Each year brings new opportunities! This year is no exception:)
    8th grade science will focus on the physical sciences and the integration of earth, space and life science in preparation for the FCAT state test in May.
     8th Grade 2018 - 2019 Physical Science Syllabus
    Ms. Cynthia Brisson, M.Ed.
    MSA Room 805
    Course Description:​ Through practice we will continue to develop our understanding of the nature of science as we inquire about matter, energy, forces, motion and chemistry. Throughout the year there will be FCAT review of 6th, 7th and 8th grade science content.
    Semester 1  ● Nature of Science ● Forces ● Motion ● Energy    Semester 2 * Matter * Chemistry * FCAT Review
    Materials Needed:
    ● Pens, pencils, cap erasers, colorful pencils, markers, highlighters, 300 pages of notebook paper, 5 notebook dividers, index cards, 3-ring binder, folders
    ● For the classroom - sticky notes, hand sanitizer, dry erase markers, bandaids, kleenex tissue, disinfecting wipes for tables,
    ● There is a mandatory $20 lab fee that is due with the return of the signed syllabus. The fee will cover lab expenses.
    Student Code of Conduct - The MSA Way! (Refer to the Code of Student Conduct and Expectations of Parents 2018-2019)
    ● To build a classroom environment that supports all learners there will be expectations for appropriate behavior for everyone. You will be participating in a learning community so please, read through the Classroom Learning Community Document handed out in class, sign and return by August 17, 2018.
    ● Students will be respectful to themselves, each other and school property at all times.
    ● Students will be on time and in the seats assigned to them and prepared to learn with materials, and assignments.
    ● Please make special note of the Lab Safety Contract that you will need to signed. Your child has a copy in their science notebook and they will need to pass the Lab Safety Test with a 90% to participate in the science lab activities.
    ● Appropriate and relevant participation is expected of students at all times.
    Teacher, Parent and Student Responsibility
    ● One of the greatest skills a middle school student can develop is the skill of self-advocacy. I have asked all students to speak up in class, speak to me directly, or ask to meet with me after class or school should they have any questions about assignments. Please encourage your child to communicate with me!! And, please call or email me cbrisson@msaschool.org or 941-721-6800 X1078.
    ● When a student is absent please contact me by email or call the front office to request assignments.
    ● When a student is not in class on a review day prior to an exam, they are still required to take the exam as the exam dates are known in advance. When possible, please let me know if you need to make arrangements in advance of the absence.
    ● All students will keep their notes and assignments organized neatly in your notebook. Please check this weekly.
    ● Together, please use the online gradebook, Maestro, to monitor the science assignments and reports. I look forward to working together to provide the best possible learning experiences and outcomes for all students. I look forward to be part of the parent, student, teacher team! Please call or email me should you have any questions.
    Practice Makes Permanent:
    Assessment - The premise of practice is that it provides each individual with the opportunity to make mistakes, to make corrections, to explore the content and to develop the understanding that eventually makes the learning ‘stick’.
    Formative assessment, for example Entrance or Exit Cards, are a tool that gives students an opportunity to show their understanding of the course content +/or process as we practice and these tools are often used on a daily basis. They provide me with information about what each student needs to move toward the next step of content understanding prior to the summative assessment. Summative assessments are given at the end of each study.
    A student’s opportunities for end of study retakes must follow the MSA Academic Policy. Dates and times for retakes are at teacher discretion and will appear on the form prior to a parent’s signature.
    Assessment ● Student formative assessment work will only receive points for completion, not accuracy and it will be used to support students further developing their understanding of the learning/concept. Accuracy and completeness points will be given for summative assessments and projects.
    ● Classwork and homework will be given points for obvious effort and completion. Bellwork is considered classwork and will be graded as these assignments are designed to give each students a base from which to develop their understanding of the concept for the daily lesson and ultimately the unit assessment.
    ● Student learning targets/rubrics will be assessed according to the standard the assignment is addressing.
    Classwork/Practice - 40 %
    Homework Completion - 10%
    Summative Assessments, Projects, Labs - 50%
    I look forward to working with you and your child as we explore the world of science! Please feel free to contact me at any time via the following: Cynthia Brisson M.Ed. cbrisson@msaschool.org 941-721-6800 X1078 Please take a moment to sign the information below and return by Friday, August 17, 2018.
    I have read the information about 8th grade science class and the materials my child will need, including the Science Lab Safety contract which I am including with my signature.
    Student’s Name __________________________________________ Parent’s Name ___________________________________________
    Parent’s Signature ________________________________________ Contact Info (c) ______________________ (email) __________________________________