This year we are working with a textbook, Big Ideas Math.  It is available as a hard copy and on line.
     All students will have access codes to all the technology at home or on the go.  It is very important to communicate with me if you don't have access to a computer or tablet and internet.  I will be utilizing this tool.  I will need to find an alternative method for your student if you don't have access.  I need to know this right away.
     Also, we will be using a supplemental workbook, it is an important part of the success of your student for the FSA and for math in general.  I believe this tool (the workbook) is necessary.  However it needs to be purchased, by you.  If there are financial issues then please write to me and let me know and I will see what I can do.  Please consider investing the $10 for this workbook. The workbook is where they have all their notes and work and examples.  It makes it so they don't have to carry the heavy textbook and have a bunch of loose papers everywhere.  It is an amazing tool, I have used it with my students  for many years with much success.  
    Just have your student bring a check or cash of $10 for the book, made out to MSA.  Please pay at the front office.
    Stacey Brebaugh
    My number is 941-524-4177
    My number at school is 722-6900 ext 1082
     My email is sbrebaugh@msaschool.org