• Hello Students, Parents, Friends and Visitors,

    Welcome to the Home Page of Mr. Ashe's Language Arts classes!
    I look forward to meeting all of you students, helping you grow in your literacy skills, increase your exposure to literature, and explore new ways to express yourself.  Parents, I consider you to be teammates in helping your students to be successful.  While a student can drive themselves to success, at this age, they usually need your support and encouragement (not disparagement!)  On the syllabus I send home to be signed and returned, please give a phone number that I can call.  Also, I will be sending home instructions to sign up for text message alerts using Remind.com or the Remind App, for positive and negative news (not frequent).
    Students will need a three-ring binder, 3 tabbed dividers, and a spiral notebook or composition book, as well as pens or pencils and college rule paper.  Having a personal book for reading is helpful, as independent reading is part of the curriculum both in and out of the classroom.  If students don't have books or don't like books, I will help them choose reading from my library or the librarians can help them choose a book from the school library.
    We will be using the binder to organize our classroom assignments, and it will be checked on a regular basis as part of the grade.  Students will have the option of leaving it in the classroom or carrying it in their backpack.  The spiral notebook or composition book will be used for reading responses and reflection journals.  It will be kept in the classroom, to be used after lessons, activities and independent reading.  I do not have a preference for pens, pencils, or mechanical pencils, but no glitter pens or hard-to-read colors.  I encourage middle school students to learn to use college rule paper, but if writing is an issue, they can still use wide rule.
    Lastly, the Arts Infusion that MSA is known for requires students to process their thinking and learning in more ways than just written words, and it requires students to present those assignments and projects to their peers.  Sometimes, they will be sharing with partners or table groups; other times, they will be presenting to the class.  None of my assignments will require memorized speeches, but students may benefit from writing down notes on what they plan to say.  This is required for the full learning to happen, therefore, it must be part of the grade :)
    Feel free to email if you have any questions, and I'll get back to you within a day or two.  
    Mr. David Ashe
    (941) 306-8348
    dashe@msaschool.org (If sending assignments, I will reply that I received it.)
    ashe.david@gmail.com (backup, if my school email doesn't receive your assignments.  Don't use for regular emails.)