• The 6th grade program at Manatee School For the Arts is designed to introduce students to all the arts programs available at our school.  All 6th grade students will take Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies as they would in any middle school program.  What makes MSA's program special is what else we have to offer!!
    The 6th Grade program at Manatee School For the Arts
    All of the classes at MSA, grades 6-12, meet in a modified block schedule.  Students have four (4) classes each day, rotating on an A-day, B-day schedule. Each class meets for 90 minutes each day, which allows our teachers to develop projects and other lessons that engage students at a very high level.
    As part of our dedication to outstanding academic achievement, ALL 6th grade students are enrolled in our reading program. The reading program is designed to assist all students to gain in their reading proficiency and help them to gain the skills needed to do the best they can, no matter what subject they are studying at the time.  Research shows that students are still developing as readers long after elementary school, and our reading program strives to help students reach their highest potential.
    Our arts program is one of a kind in Manatee County, with students taking a half year of Theatre, Visual Art, Graphic Art, Music, Dance and Physical Education/Heath class.  This program is uniquely designed to introduce students to the arts, to the high level of programs that we offer, and spark their interest for future study in any area they choose.
    Our dedicated staff continually monitor the progress of students, whether in arts or academics, to assure that they are transitioning well into middle school, and that they succeed at a high level in all they do.  We are committed to teaching students through multiple intelligences and arts infusion.  With this in mind, you would see students engaged in all types of activities in class, from drawing in math to research reports in dance, our staff reaches out to develop the innate learner in every student.
    Manatee School For the Arts creates a unique learning environment for each learner!!
Last Modified on June 17, 2020