• Medication Information



    Note: Medication refers to only those products which have been approved by the FDA for use as a drug. Whenever possible, medication schedules should be arranged so all medication is given at home. Also, the first dose of any medication taken for the first time will not be administered at school.


    1.       Only prescription medication will be administered by the school. Over-the-counter or sample medications must be accompanied by orders from the physician. (Physician’s orders must be dated and include unaltered label information listed below – see #4 – as well as signature of Florida Physician (or ARNP or Physician’s Assistant working under the Physician’s License), Dentist, Chiropractor, or Doctor of Osteopathy, AND office address stamp.


    2.       Physician and parent/legal guardian portions of the MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION FORM must be completed entirely, signed, and presented to the school before medication can be accepted/administered. Medication must be delivered, by a parent/legal guardian, to school in the container in which it was dispensed. At this time the medication must be counted with school personnel. Additional parent authorization would be needed for any medications to be given on field trips outside regular school hours.


    3.       A separate supply of medication must be kept at school. Medication will not be transported between home and school on a daily or weekly basis. Please ask your pharmacist for a second container with a prescription label. Note: School personnel may not cut tablets. Request this from the pharmacist. After the initial delivery by the parent/guardian, the medication supply may be delivered by any adult (18 years or older) who the parent designates.


    4.       The label must be dated within one (1) year and indicate the student’s name, name of the medication, dosage, physician’s name, amount to be given, and frequency.  This includes medications given on an “as needed” basis. Label must state the need, i.e.; 2 puffs every 4 hours as needed for cough, wheeze, or shortness of breath. “As Needed” or “as directed” are not acceptable. Note: Parents who provide meds to be given on an “as needed” basis and child has taken same medication before school must inform the office of the time med was given.


    5.       If the medication requires equipment for administration (i.e.; cup, spoon, dropper), the parent is responsible for supplying the articles, labeled with the student’s name.


    6.       Parent/legal guardian is responsible to keep school personnel supplied with the needed doses of prescribed medication.


    7.       Medication will not be administered after dismissal.


    8.       New MEDICATION AUTHORIZATION FORM will be requested each school year, with any change in medication.


    9.       When medication is discontinued or at the end of the school year, medication not taken home by the parent, by dismissal on the last student day, will be destroyed.


    10.   Self-medication – Emergency medications for the conditions such as Severe Allergy and Asthma may be carried on the student’s person when accompanied with a copy of the MEDICATION AUTHORIZATION FORM with physician authorizing student to self-medicate and carry medication on their person and parent signature granting permission.


    11.   Diabetics – Request a copy of the Diabetic Medical Management Plan (DMMP) to be completed and signed by physician and parent/legal guardian.  Return the form to the Clinic for evaluation.


Last Modified on February 16, 2017