• Hello!  If you are a student that will be joining my class online I would like to help walk you through the steps needed and explain as many expectations as I can here. 


    1. Please follow the directions for signing into google classroom you can find here: https://www.msfta.org/Page/3682

    2. Once you sign in, you should see a google meet link visible at the top of the class. 

    3. You should be able to click on the link to test out your camera/microphone before school if you'd like.  If not, just go here directly to test it instead: https://meet.google.com/



    1. Sign into the call at the beginning of your period's time or you may be considered tardy. 

    2. Keep camera on at all times throughout call and do not leave before being dismissed or you will have to be considered absent for the class. 

    3. Please keep microphones muted when I am talking and try to keep typed chat discussions on topic and to a minimum to help me read through questions directed to me more easily. 

    4. Please realize I may not be there right away as I may be cleaning my physical room for the next group for safety reasons.  I believe the call may not allow you in until I begin the call and I apologise for this inconvenience ahead of time. 


    This is definitely going to be a strange year but I still look forward to hearing from you all!