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    Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

    I'm so happy to have such a wonderful student like yourself in my class! My name is Mrs. Diggins and I will be your American History teacher this upcoming year. I will be leading you on an interesting journey into the history of our great nation!

    Course Learning Goals:

    • Students will understand the geographical and physical attributes of North America and its place in the context of world geography.
    • Students will understand the causes, course, and consequences of exploration and settlement in the American colonies.
    • Students will understand the causes, course, and consequences of the American Revolution and the founding principles of our nation.
    • Students will understand the domestic and international causes, course, and consequences of nation-building and westward expansion.
    • Students will understand the causes, course, and consequence of the Civil War, including its effects on American peoples.

    Behavioral Expectations: 

    All students will follow the MSA student code of conduct all time.

    Expectations for class:

    • Everyone has the right to learn. 
    • Everyone should expect to learn.
    • Classroom orderliness is necessary for an effective classroom. 
    • Hard work is necessary for learning!

    General Classroom Rules: 

    1. Be on time and in an appropriate seat when the bell rings.
    2. Be respectful of all peers and teachers, at all times. 
    3. Be prepared for class - bring a pencil, agenda, and a library book each day. 
    4. Be responsible by using time wisely and taking care of school property.
    5. Be attentive and ready to learn at the start of each class 
    6. Be a self-directed learner
    7. Know the class schedule, due dates and deadlines, etc. 
    8. Follow-up with the teacher when you are absent from class (absence policies below)

    Student Discipline – It’s all about Choices and Consequences:

    • If a student chooses to meetour classroom’s cultural and behavioral expectations his/her consequence is obvious – engagement and authentic learning.
    • If a student chooses not to meetour classroom’s cultural and behavioral expectations his/her consequence is equally obvious – training and discipline.
    • Classroom disciplinary measures may include, but are not limited to: non-verbal cues, verbal redirection, specific warning, teacher-student conference, parent contact, student-teacher-parent conference, MSA disciplinary referral.

    Grading Policy:

    Parents if at any point you want to discuss your child's grades please feel free to schedule a conference or a phone call. Please remember that teachers do not give grades. Each student earns his or her own grade based on effort, preparedness, and performance.

    Grading Scale:

    A = 100-90%, B = 89-80% C = 79-70, D- = 69-60%, F = 59% and below.

    Technology usage:

    Per MSA Student code of conduct, cellular devices are not permitted to be used in the classroom. Any students that decides to use their cellular device during unauthorized times will have the device confiscated. All technological devices that will be used in this course are a privilege. ALL STUDENTS will follow the MSA Technology Usage Policy. Unauthorized use of technology or misuse of technology (visiting inappropriate websites, engaging in cyber-bullying, etc.) will result in disciplinary action.

    Absence Policy:

    It is the student’s responsibility to request missed assignments/class work. There will be a folder in the back of the class with the assignments of the week. If you cannot locate the folder please let me know and I will get you the materials you need. Students will be given a set due date for these assignments in accordance with MSA policy. 

    Material list:

    • Binder
    • 1 Pack of dividers
    • Basic school supplies 

    Note to parents and students: 

    If at any point you cannot provide/or don't have the means to purchase any of the supplies that are required for this course please contact me. Parents can send me an email at bdiggins@msaschool.org and students with this concern can come see me before or after class.