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    Welcome to Manatee School For the Arts.  My name is Theresa Quin and I am your College and Career Counselor.   My office is in the MSA College and Career Center and it is located on the left side of the lobby along with the School Counselors.   I work closely with the High School Counselors Mrs. Fitzpatrick (Grades 10-12) and Ms. Harris (Grades 8 and 9) along with the high school faculty.  

    While these are very challenging times, the MSA College and Career Center is committed to assisting, mentoring and advising our students.  This includes support with college and career exploration, the admissions process, access to resources and materials, helping to organize your college and career search, along with financial aid/literacy and scholarship information.  My goal is to provide these services and helpful learning tools in a format that meets the needs of students. 

    Due to social distancing and other safety guidelines on the MSA campus, appointments will be required in the MSA College and Career Center.  The preferred method for meeting is via Google Meet. Google Meet allows for flexible meeting times and personalized service to the student and the parents.  Additionally, to enhance accessibility and communication the MSA College and Career Center has set up Google Classrooms for each high school graduating class.  Students may join their “Class of '' Google Classroom at any time with their MSA school email.  Google Classroom codes are listed in the chart below.  Parents are invited to join as guardians after the student accepts the invite.  This enables students and parents to make college and career plans and react to opportunities in real time.  Make sure you accept the invite and turn on your notifications!  

    The office hours are Monday through Friday 8AM to 3PM during the school year.  Students and parents may also request virtual meetings until 5PM daily.  Other meeting times are available upon request.  Parents and students can contact Mrs. Quin via email at tquin@msaschool.org for an appointment.  

    Google Classroom Codes 

    Class of 2021 - Seniors --> bghrdn4

    Class of 2022  - Juniors --> fdsorsg

    Class of 2023 - Sophomores --> 5cn32ek

    Class of 2024 - Freshmen --> eebrqx7