• Arts Applications, Scholarships, Portfolios & Auditions


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    • Before you APPLY to any arts program, do your research! Be bold about calling the admissions offices of the schools you’re interested in! They are there to answer your questions.


    • Visit the arts programs while school is in session, whenever possible, and talk to students in the program you’re interested in.


    • Ask the admissions officers specifically about SCHOLARSHIPS designated for the arts. Your artistic skills and talents quite often make you eligible for scholarship aid! Find out the process for applying for these scholarships.



    • If you are a performer you need to create a video reel of your performances. If you an artist you need to create a portfolio artistic work.  To make it unique, be sure to save everything! If you are applying to an arts program contact the school of your choice to get the specific portfolio requirements for that program. 


    • Writing is important, as a part of your artistic portfolio. College arts programs want to see what you make, and they also want to get a sense of how you think about what you make. Creative writing might also be included in a portfolio


    • Your portfolio can be diverse. It is always good to show your process and growth. Include something that shows you are a creative risk taker.


    • Know your deadlines – for applications, portfolio reviews, submission of test scores and transcripts, and auditions. Visual arts programs often accept digital submissions. If you are a performer, it’s important to find out what the audition schedules are for the programs you are interested in.


Last Modified on June 5, 2018