Sculpture 1,2&3
    Course Description:
    Sculpture is an intermediate course for students who enjoy working with clay, plaster, wood, wire, and mixed media. The course concentrates on developing technical skills and artistic appreciation of successful three-dimensional artwork. Studio projects will be tied to discussion of art historical topics and/or uses of art in modern societies. Lessons will include studio work and class discussions in which students are required to participate. They are also required to write about their work and to do homework. Students should bring with them some understanding of the elements and principles of art and other concepts fundamental to art making, which will be further developed. We will use a variety of methods, including assemblage, casting, carving, and modeling. Creativity, craftsmanship, personal effort, critical thinking, sketchbooks, and weekly homework assignments are all included in the grading process. Students may also complete a series of finished sculptures that share a common theme.  In order to succeed in this class, students must meet the criteria given for each assignment, be prepared to question and critique their own work as well as the works of other artists, and approach each art project with an open mind and positive attitude.
    Throughout the year I will be posting current photographs of student artwork for everyone to enjoy.  
Last Modified on January 9, 2020