• Google Classroom Link

    Use link above and sign into your student google account.  The school should have already made it for you at the beginning of the year.  If not it should be made within the first week of school.  I recommend emailing devinet@msaschool.org if you have tried these directions exactly and it does not work.


    The account name will always be first initial, then last name followed by the last three digits of their id.

    Then the password will be made of capital first and last initial, full student code, then capital MSA after with no spaces.




    Name: Collin Cole, ID: 12345

    Username: ccole345@msaschool.org

    Password: CC12345MSA



    Afterwards, input the correct code for your class to sign in.  


    Google Classroom Class Codes (2020-2021):


    Geometry Period A: rg3njem

    Geometry Period B: qdsbsni

    Geometry Period C: gobmlyi

    Geometry Period F: dua47qz

    Algebra1B Period G: 44qoglf

    Geometry Period I: pj6wo7a


    Once signed in to the classroom, simply go to the "classwork" tab and scroll down!  I try to keep the things we are doing most recently up at the top of the page, and the make up folder will be there with all of the notes and practice we do every day!


    I will also assign daily assignments, homework, quizzes, projects and tests through this program! So don't forget how to sign in!