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    EXT. 1105


    Whether you have been taking private piano lessons for years, teaching yourself by using online tutorials or innovative applications, or if you have never played a note before on the piano, this class is for you. We discuss a wide variety of musical concepts such as major and minor modes, key signatures, intervals, triads, seventh chords, and basic note identification on the grand staff. For more advanced students, analyzing intermediate through advanced repertoire using Roman Numeral Analysis is another way to identify patterns and learn music in a more economical way. We practice technical exercises, develop dexterity and independence in the hands, sightreading, as well as become more familiar with a variety of styles including classical, jazz, blues, and pop.

    Whatever your musical interests are, there a variety of customized personal projects that foster each student's personal tastes and desires. In order to help students develop collaborative abilities, we also have group ensemble activities and performances, as well as cross-disciplinary activities with the choral/voice, instrumental, dance, and visual arts departments.  


    Classes Taught during the 2019-2020 School Year:

    Beginning Keyboard I/1: A, C, E, and H Periods

    Mixed Level Keyboard I adv./2/II/III/IV: B and F Periods

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