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    During our year together we will be learning about lab safety, the scientific method, claim, evidence, and reasoning or CER methods, and examining our Earth in many different ways.  We will also be learning about Space Science in our fourth quarter.  Along with learning the many required Earth Science standards, we will also be creating works of art. Experiencing watercolors, clay, and acrylic paint will be infused within our science learning.
    Along with creating and performing, students will also be taking notes during lectures and discussions, watching video clips about earth processes, reading, and taking quizzes and tests about Earth Science topics.   
    I rarely give homework, but when I do it will be posted on our homework page here, as well as posted in our classroom.  I also post all test assignments with due dates in the "homework" area. If you do not complete classwork during class, it is expected that you will complete it before the next class.
    It's important for students to use their time fully in class, so they DO NOT have much or perhaps ANY homework!  NO HOMEWORK is the overall goal! Kids will get opportunities to practice time management in my classroom, as this is a skill that can be learned with repeated practice and kind encouragement.  Students need to keep their interactive notebook neat and up to date.  Class time is provided weekly so students can assess their organizational needs and improve their interactive notebooks.
    Our classroom can appear busy, noisy, and at times messy.  Please be reassured that EVERYTHING we do is tied to understanding our state mandated science content, but in an inclusive and arts infused way using multiple intelligence best practices.  We all want to enjoy class!  This being said, I expect students to listen and participate in class.
    Successful students have high expectations for themselves, but understand that they must balance all the expectations school has.  I also have high expectations for student performance.  I sincerely appreciate the dedication of my students to create, perform, and study to the best of their abilities.  Students have busy lives with many involved in extracurricular evening activities that they excel in thanks to supportive families.  I appreciate all that parents do for their children to help them excel.  You are my heroes!

    Remember to check the homework page for current assignments!!



    To help our classroom with special project supplies please visit:

    Supplies we ALWAYS need are tissues, unscented liquid soap, and watercolor paper....donations are sincerely appreciated and you will receive student thank you notes as gratitude!