Syllabus for Ballroom Dance (Levels 1, 2, Ia, II, & III/ IV ) 
    Amanda Harris   Dance Dept.   aharris@msaschool.org


    Class Description:

    The purpose of this course is to explore and develop techniques in ballroom dance and to enhance creativity, teamwork and social skills. This will include: knowledge and application of ballroom dance techniques from a variety of countries and styles. Styles covered in this course include but are not limited to: Cha Cha, Swing, Rumba, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, etc.


    Class Procedures/Rules:

    Come into class & stand quietly off of the dance floor in designated area. Adhere to all attendance/ dressing out procedures.

    Neatly place all backpacks and personal items in designated area of dance studio.

    Sit in assigned warm up spots on the dancefloor. Follow the warm up & prepare for instruction.

    Respect Yourself and Respect Others.

    Always dress out and be equipped to perform written and physical assignments daily.

    Bring FULL water bottle with you to school and class and hair slicked back/ secured up, if applicable.


    Ballroom Dance Class Uniform:

    Black MSA T-shirt or plain black shirt

    Black MSA Sweat pants or Black MSA Basketball shorts or plain black athletic pants/ leggings

    Ballroom Shoes are not required for this course, however a pair of plain black socks are for performances.

    No MSA Hoodies are to be worn after warm up!


    Participation/ Work Ethic (attitude and effort)/ Dressing Out: Daily total of up to 10 points.

    Skills Tests /Projects/Presentations:  Range from 25-100 points total.

    **Showcase Performances:   100 points total.

    Please note: a doctor’s note must be provided to the teacher if an illness or injury will interfere with class participation. If an excessive amount of class time is missed due to an illness or an injury, even with documentation from a doctor, the highest possible grade to earn for the assignments or choreography missed will be “C”. ** Dancers are REQUIRED to attend mandatory showcases as part of their grade and overall learning experience. Dates for these performances will be sent home ASAP. If a dancer misses one of these required performances, it will result in a ZERO for that grade and could SIGNIFICANTLY drop the overall grade for this course.
    **DONATIONS OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS will award your dancer with up to 40 participation points! Please turn in items to Ms. Harris with your name and class period clearly on them in order to receive credit::

    hair bands, hand sanitizer, band aids, tissues, dry erase markers, pens, etc. …  ☺ Thank you!!


    Dance Workshop Week: (closed performance in the Large Theater):

    Dance Showcase Week: (Tickets available for purchase- open to public- in the Large Theater):


    Student Name (printed): ___________________       Student SIgnature: __________________

    Parent Name (printed: _______________          Parent SIgnature: ______________________

    Preferred method of communication (phone call/ email) :________________________