• Digital Information Technology

    This course is designed to provide an introduction to information technology concepts and careers as well as the impact information technology has on the world, people, industry and basic concepts.  The content includes information technology, career research; operating systems and software applications; electronic communications including e-mail and Internet services.  

    Materials Needed:

    1. 1” three-ring binder or a section in a bigger binder if all classes are in one binder.
    2. 5 Divider tabs for the three-ring binder or section labeled for this course in a larger binder.
    3. Loose-leaf college ruled paper
    4. 1 package of computer printer paper (Optional for classroom)
    5. Pencils
    6. Highlighters
    7. 16GB Flash Drive (or higher)

    Additional Classroom Donations - Greatly Appreciated:

    1. Clorox Wipes
    2. Tissues
    3. Hand Sanitizer
    4. Reams of computer paper

    Expectation of work:

    All computer work is to be your original work and saved on your file on the network.  No sharing allowed.  Work must be updated day of class.  All work is saved according to the teacher’s instructions.  On occasion, there will be group work and groups may change according to the assigned task.  Group work is done on an as needed basis.  All other work is done individually.  All work will be done in class on the computers and printers.  Tests and quizzes will be announced.  Students need to be in class to work on the daily assignments.  Any work missed during an absence needs to be completed upon return, during “Brain Break” or after school using our copyrighted software materials.  This course will focus on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.  Microsoft Office certification testing will be offered throughout this school year.


    All work due during the absence is due upon return for full credit.  If not, the work will be receiving a 10% reduction up to two weeks after due date.  The student needs to check the assignment sheet for the week to get missed work on the day of return.  All work is to be made up within two days of the absence.  Work may be done during the student’s “Brain Break” time or after school by appointment.

    Classroom Procedures:

    Class assignments will be located on MyItLab and Google Classroom.  Once you enter the room you must log on and begin reading the work required for that day and completing the bell work.  Your belongings need to be place on the floor next to your chair, not in the aisle. When the tardy bell rings, everyone needs to be seated and ready for class to begin.  The teacher will dismiss all students that are ready to leave (area clean of materials) and who have logged off.  No lining up at the door! 

    Bathroom Procedures:

    Students must sign out and take pass with them to the restroom and sign back in upon return.  Only one student may be out of the room at a time.


    Quizzes- 20%

    Tests - 30%

    Classwork - 25%

    Grader Projects - 25%


    If you have any questions about the course or concerns regarding your success, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Toni Schmidt

    941-721-6800 Ext. 1165



    Class Rules: 

    1. Be on time every day.  

    2. Be prepared with all needed materials for the class. 

    3. Know and follow the Code of Conduct.

    4. Respect your classmates, your teacher, the classroom, and your school.

    5. Stay positive, never give up, and do your best. 

    Failure to abide by any of these guidelines may result in one of the following consequences*:

    1st offense – Warning

    2nd offense – Seat is moved and/or conference with the teacher.

    3rd offense – Phone call home or referral.

    *The order of consequences may be changed depending on the situation.  


    If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at: 941-721-6800, ext.  1165