Starting at a new school is a major event in your student's life. Whether they are transferring to a new school or district, or moving from elementary to middle school, it can be a very stressful time. Below are some tips on helping them overcome their anxiety and make it a great school year!
     1. Be involved
    Don't be passive during their transition to a new school. Be involved in the entire process! Talk to your kids about their day, attend school functions, and pay close attention to how they are adjusting by monitoring their feelings.
     2. Share some of your firsts
    Share some examples of the first time you have done something. The examples can be from your childhood or from your adulthood. 
     3. Expect some ups and downs
     The emotions and feelings they experience may go from high to low. Connecting and meeting new friends may be a high, but getting lost in a new building may be a low. Be prepared to have conversations about each one.
    4. Tune up your listening ears
     Sometimes parents tend to want to solve problems. Turn down your problem solving senses and turn up your listening senses. With new friends, your child may not feel comfortable discussing personal things, and you may be the outlet. Be ready to be the listening ear
    5. Meet the teacher
    Every year, MSA hosts "Back to School" nights, where your child can meet their teacher. Make sure you are there. It says something to teachers, students, other parents, and most importantly, your students when you are there.
    List adapted from: http://www.allprodad.com/articles/dads-and-children/5-ways-to-help-your-kids-adjust-to-a-new-school/
Last Modified on August 14, 2019