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    It is so important to learn and practice great studying skills in middle school so that you are prepared for high school and college. The following list of study tips are designed to help you continue to be a successful learner:

    Make your own study guide.

    • Rewriting important information in your own words is a excellent way to study.  Look for the words in bold lettering or italics and find their meanings.  Organize the topics so that they make sense to you.

    Make study cards.

    • Flash cards are a very easy and fun way to learn new concepts.  On the front of a card write the word, idea, date or question and then write the answer on the back of the card.  Have a friend, parent, or sibling quiz you before the test and see how you do!


    Find a consistent place to study.

    • Do you concentrate better with music in the background, or do you need quiet?  The key is to find what works best for you.

    Don’t wait until the last minute!

    • Probably one of the most important tips is to study a little every night instead of cramming late the night before the test. Getting plenty of sleep the night before and having a healthy breakfast the day of the test will help you get that good grade!




    If you are struggling, ask for help!

    • Start by talking to the teacher. The guidance counselor could also help if you need extra assistance such as a tutor.  The important thing is to ask!

    Make academics a focus in your life.

    • Studying takes time and effort!  You must decide for yourself that your education is important.  Getting organized and prioritizing your work is a great way to head in the right direction.
Last Modified on August 14, 2019