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    Middle school brings added responsibilities on the part of the student. Empowering your child to take control of his or her education early on will be beneficial throughout life, and practicing good organization can help make the middle school years go much smoother. The following list of suggestions may help in teaching your child to have an active part in his or her learning: 
    Daily PlannerDaily Planner
    • Encourage your child to record every assignment for every class, every day. This could be done with the use of a daily planner or even a simple notebook.  When your child writes down what is expected of him/her, he/she will be much more prepared for class and much less likely to forget his/her responsibilities.

    Homework Time and Placehomework

    • The study habits formed in middle school will have a great impact on your child's performance in high school and beyond.  It is best for your student to have a space at home that is specifically dedicated to school work.  Perhaps this is in his/her room, at the dining room table, or in a den. It may even be helpful to make it a regular practice to study, complete homework, do research, or work on projects at the same time each day after school.  Once the routine is implemented, your child will find it helps him/her to be more organized.

    Prioritize and Check-Off Workpencil

    • Even as adults, there is something rewarding about checking things off from our to-do lists!  The same applies for your child. Teach him/her to prioritize the work that must be completed in the order that it is due.  Once the assignment is done, have him/her mark it off the list and move on to the next. 

    Organize for Tomorrowbackpack

    • Mornings can be the craziest time in a household!  It is best for your child to get into the habit of having all of the necessary items ready for the school the night before.  This means making sure the homework, books, P.E. and dance clothes,  and other materials are already in the backpack and the backpack is somewhere near the front door ready-to-go the next day.  This simple practice can really go a long way in reducing school morning stress!
Last Modified on August 14, 2019