Art in World Cultures - Grade 6 - Digital Art and Technology


    Welcome to 6th Grade
    Digital Art and TechnologyArt in World Cultures
    NGSSS 0100070 Semester Course 
    Instructor: Ms. Cline


    Students will explore art through project-based activities.

    Instructional on-line videos will be provided in Google classroom. Information on how a project may be completed using computer technology such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop will be provided for all graded projects.

    All work should be stored and saved to the students Google account. Paper, pencil and folder will be helpful when students take notes or create quick sketches of projects prior to completing an assignment.

    Headphones / Earbuds - students may opt to bring their own for use with the instructional videos.
    Lab Fees made be paid directly to MSA

    Student Responsibilities
    It is the student's responsibility to maintain and keep track of their work and supplies.  Lessons will be available through Google Classroom and completed projects and tests should be submitted by the assigned deadline date. Students should check their Google accounts on a daily basis.

    Each student is responsible for making up any missed work before the end of each grading period, work not made up on time will receive a zero. 

    All students are expected to follow all of the school rules. Students should be respectful and responsible. Students are expected take pride in themselves and the work that they do and students should bring a cheerful and positive demeanor to the classroom environment.

    Important Information
    This is a semester long pass/fail course for 6th grade students. Grades will be posted electronically and should be checked frequently in Parent Portal.

    I may be reached at during regular school hours.

    Debra Cline
    941.721.6800 extension 1054 


Last Modified on June 28, 2021